Tapping Machine And Servo Drive Tapping Machine

Mechanical type solution: guaranteed value

The market application of mechanical type solutions dates back more than 30 years.
Its advantages are not to be underestimated: it can be applied to mass production on the same high-speed punch press and tapping at very high speeds (up to 250spm). Y applications are quite simple and effective.

With this tapping solution, you can produce all types of parts with good product quality and cost performance.Mechanical type tapping is a good solution for mass production!

Servo type solution (servo motor): universal type
The first application of the servo type solution was 25 years ago, but even today, servo tapping is also indispensable.
This tapping solution has some unique features that can be flexibly used independently of the stroke of the press and for different working environments.
Servo technology allows the tapping speed to be adjusted in very difficult applications, and the gearbox and servo controller can be easily reused in other molds and other applications.
Servo-type tapping solutions can be applied to super-hard materials and complex parts, such as stamping parts for the automotive industry!

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