Grinder Machine Introduction

Grinder Machine Introduction

Our Product: drill bit re-sharpener, end mill re-sharpener, screw tap re-sharpener, lathe tool grinder, saw blade sharpener, universal  (all-purpose) cutter grinder, universal (all-purpose) tool grinder, chamfer, air Tapping Machine, gear chamfering machine, universal (all-purpose) head, rotary table,etc. Continuosly invent, improve in our management, provide professional and high quality products to satisfy and serve our globe customers’ needs.

The following is product picture of X3A .

Grinder Machine Introduction

End Mill Re-Sharpener X3A Introduction

It is pprtable for fools. It can be grinding with 2 blades, 3 blades and 4 blades. Customized can also directly open the edge of the face by tungsten bars. The oprional clamp set grinds a 5-blade end mill cutter.
Equipped with precision aluminum carriage to adjust the end face angle and grinding amount of the milling cutter.

The following is product picture of G20 .

This machine is portable, accurate and durable, equipped with diamond grinding wheel .
This can be cutter grinding the front cutting edge (front angle) of the drill bit and the size of the apex angle (top angle), retract angle (back angle), the front cutting edge (positive rake angle) and the central chisel edge Can be adjusted at will, which can replace the central drill with more accurately location, more easily chio removal and more easily drilling.

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