What’re The Different Tapping Oils For Tapping Machines!

The Tapping Machine is a machine tool that uses internal taps to machine internal threads. It is the most widely used internal thread machining machine. For multi-axis tapping machines, the right lubricant can reduce the wear of mechanical internal parts and increase the service life, and improve the speed and produce better quality products. The tapping machine can’t leave the lubricating material, which greatly helps the wear of its parts. Here are the advantages of special tapping oil:

First, the composition of tapping oil
It is made up of oil-based reinforcing agent, sulfurized lard and sulfurized fatty acid ester as the main agent. It contains a large amount of chloride additive, active sulfurized fat oil and lubricating additive, which can reduce the cutting temperature and obtain the maximum cutting precision. It has been applied to the cutting of difficult-to-machine materials, such as high-speed turning and drilling of stainless steel and heat-resistant steel.

Second, the advantages of special tapping oil
1. It has super lubrication and tapping function, low friction coefficient and high extreme pressure.
2.The oil film has strong adhesion, and has a strong oil film, which can effectively protect the tap to improve the thread quality.
3.To prevent surface scratches and wrinkles, can improve processing accuracy, surface finish, work quality and efficiency.
4.Good cold performance can inhibit the temperature rise, reduce the occurrence of sintering and card biting, and have special effects in reducing chipping and broken tap.
5.The chip removal is smoother, a large amount of iron filings will be produced during the tapping process, the iron filings will easily stick to the threaded holes and the taps, and the iron chips will be washed away with special tapping oil.
6.Outstanding permeability, at higher speeds, the oil can penetrate into the blade in time, effectively lubricating the cooling protection tap or tool.
7.Due to the use of non-corrosive vulcanization additives as the main agent, no odor, no irritating skin, can avoid workers skin allergies and other issues.

If the special tapping oil is not used in the tapping operation, the inside of the tapping machine will be destructive, affecting the service life and causing quality problems to the product. This series of products uses self-owned vulcanized lard and sulfurized fatty acid ester as main additives. It can improve the processing efficiency when effectively protecting the tool, has good cooling and anti-rust performance, can solve the above problems and improve the efficiency.

Design And Application Of Automatic Cutting Fluid On Ordinary Drilling Machine And Tapping Machine

In the batch processing of drilling and Tapping Machines, the life of common cutting tools is often not long, so it is necessary to change the cutting tools frequently.

Tool life directly affects production efficiency. There are many reasons for short tool life, such as feed rate, tool material and tool grinding angle, etc. More importantly, cutting fluid can alleviate other factors and prolong tool life. There are three functions of cutting fluid: cleaning, cooling and lubrication. The common drill and tapping machine can only clean, cool and lubricate the cutter manually, and the production efficiency is not high. Whether it is possible to design automatic cutting fluid pouring on drilling and tapping machines has always been a question of concern and discussion.

1. Common methods and analysis before design

There are two common methods: 1. When drilling with common material cutters, place oil brushes beside them, and clean, lubricate and cool the cutters with oil brushes while processing. (2) Alloy cutting tools are used without cutting fluid.

The advantage of using oil brush is that it is relatively flexible in cleaning and lubricating, and can be handled according to the actual situation. It is suitable for small batch or single piece production. The disadvantage is that production efficiency is not high and waste is caused.

The advantages of alloy cutting tools are high hardness, high temperature tolerance, high production efficiency and no need for cutting fluid. The disadvantage is the high cost of production.

2. Design scheme and thinking of automatic cutting fluid
Scheme (1): Improve brush oil on tool. According to the characteristics of Drilling Machine and tapping machine, one end of hose is used to wrap the brush, the other end is fixed on the iron block, and the brush is greased. When necessary, the brush is moved to the tool and left after lubrication and cooling. Repeated debugging, the effect is not ideal, cutting fluid is easy to splash around, and oil on the ground, can not achieve automation.
Scheme (2): Infusion of cutter. Put oil into the infusion bag and hang it at a high place. Fixed the flow direction of the liquid with the support of the bracket so that the cutting fluid can flow directly to the tool. The flow rate of the liquid can be controlled by the control valve. This effect is very good. Every drop of liquid just falls into the hole being processed, which accords with our original intention of designing the automatic cutting fluid.

3. Use effect in production
The movable support arm of the support can move up and down and tilt to facilitate the adjustment of the cutting fluid to the height and position of the drilling platform. A recovery tank is also set under the drilling platform to facilitate the recovery and reuse of the liquid.
The spindle speed of the drilling machine is 1400 r/m, the tool material is W18Cr4V, and the drill bit is grinded by thin plate group drills with uniform feed rate. After use, the processing speed is twice as fast as the original method, each drop of liquid will be fully utilized, and the amount of cutting fluid will be reduced. In the past, only 200 holes can be machined by one tool, but now 400 holes can be machined, which is beyond our expectation.

Introduction Of Synchronous Tapping Machine And Its Main Components

What’s synchronous Tapping Machine?

Synchronized tapping machine is a kind of machine tool which uses tap to process internal thread. It is the most widely used machine tool for processing internal thread. According to the national machinery industry standards, tapping machine series are divided into: desktop tapping machine – semi-automatic desktop tapping machine, vertical tapping machine, horizontal tapping machine. For some reason, one of the most widely used classifications is not included, that is, folding arm tapping machine.

What’s the composition of synchronous tapping machine?

The synchronous tapping machine is composed of a mounting seat, a balance rod, a servo driver, a touch screen, a control panel (positive and negative speed setting), a servo motor, a quick change joint and a safety torsion chuck with overload protection. The main body of the balance rod is made of high strength aluminium alloy, and the rotating part is made of precise composite copper sleeve. On the premise of guaranteeing the tapping accuracy, the repeated positioning is accurate and portable.

The main functional components of synchronous tapping machine are the electrical contact pressure gauge, which is related to the normal operation of the whole synchronous tapping machine. However, the electrical contact pressure gauge required by the mechanical industry of synchronous tapping machine has some particularities, such as the working environment of the machine and the material, voltage, current and so on.

Characteristics of synchronous tapping machine:

1. Integrated reversing gear, high speed of tool withdrawal – greatly reducing working time when tapping.
2. The drill shaft uses conical fixed chuck to ensure the highest accuracy and concentricity accuracy.
3. Electronic stepless speed change function, metal gearbox.
4. Cylindrical motor housing with aluminium support sleeve.

Four Points For Attention In Cleaning Of Industrial Bench Drill

Four Points For Attention In Cleaning Of Industrial Bench Drill

Industrial bench drill parts cleaning in use, not only can ensure the normal efficiency of the work, but also can effectively extend the service life of the machine, so what should be paid attention to when cleaning?

1. In the process of cleaning the parts of industrial bench drill, we should be careful to knock and scratch. In the process of cleaning, the parts should follow the principle of light handling and orderly arrangement, try not to overlap, and special tools should be used when cleaning special parts.

2. To clean the parts of industrial bench drill, we need to choose the correct cleaning methods and materials. Under the premise of ensuring the cleaning quality and efficiency, we should take into account the cost of cleaning costs.

Four Points For Attention In Cleaning Of Industrial Bench Drill

3. Bearing holes and gear teeth of industrial bench drills are affected by corrosive solvents in the long-term moisture or cleaning process, which will produce spots or be corroded. When cleaning, cleaning agent should be selected reasonably. Compressed air should be used to dry the cleaned parts, and anti-corrosion and anti-oxidation measures should be taken.

4. When cleaning parts of industrial bench drill, the cleaning degree should be targeted. Different parts have different requirements for cleaning degree. Parts such as bearings, gears and transmission devices must be cleaned thoroughly.

These are the precautions for cleaning industrial bench drills. We should develop the habit of cleaning the parts of industrial bench drills regularly so as not to affect the production progress of industrial bench drills.

Robot Hand-Manipulator

With the progress of science and technology, many other forms of robotic products have been developed outside the robotic arm, which have made great progress in sensor, computing ability, planning and control, human-computer interaction, artificial intelligence and so on.

The research and application of humanoid robots has become one of the most active research hotspots in the field of intelligent robots. Robot arm is the most representative and complex component in humanoid robotic systems.

At present, the market of industrial manipulator is very mature. It is mainly used in the production lines of workshop welding, assembly, spraying, polishing and handling, with high precision, heavy load and high speed.

Robot hands often have built-in pressure sensors, which are used to tell the computer the strength of the robot when it grasps a particular object. This keeps the object in the robot’s hand from falling or being crushed. Other end effectors include spray lamps, drills and lacquer sprayers. Industrial robots are designed to perform exactly the same tasks repeatedly in controlled environments.

Robot arm, mainly refers to the joint robot with series structure, the degree of freedom is much lower than that of the five-axis robot, and the range of motion of the output axis of the end is mainly confined to a plane. It is suitable for large batch workpieces with simple structure.

Robots try to assess the hardness of an object by placing it on a flat surface and then poking it lightly. But that’s not the main way humans measure hardness. We judge it by pressing the contact area between the object and the finger. Generally speaking, softer objects tend to flatten and increase the contact area with fingers.

How To Choose Boring And Milling Spindle Head?

With the rapid development of science and technology, parts and components in machinery manufacturing industry are becoming more standardized and universal. The traditional processing boring and milling head has not kept up with the demand of production. Multifunctional special power head emerged as the times require, and has been developed rapidly. It plays an increasingly important role in manufacturing industry.

Characteristics of Boring and Milling Spindle Head
1. Maze-type waterproof structure is adopted in the spindle head, which effectively avoids cutting fluid and dust entering the spindle during the production process, and ensures the service life and accuracy of the spindle head.

2. The spindle box body is cast with high toughness iron and treated by artificial and natural double ageing. It is wear-resistant and not easy to deform.

3. The spindle is forged with high quality alloy steel.

4. The bearing adopts the P5 angular contact pair bearing produced by Luoyan Science and Technology.

Notes for Boring and Milling Spindle Head

1. Installation mode of boring and milling power head, because it is convenient for workpiece processing, so it is necessary to choose a more appropriate installation mode. But the structure of power head front-end TV and rear-end motor installation is different. If not selected in advance, it will be inconvenient to use, which is also a headache.

2. We should know the material quality, hardness, workpiece size and allowance of the boring and milling power head, which directly determines the processing ability of the power head and is convenient to adapt to the power of the motor.

3. Understanding the speed of processing can facilitate the selection of the speed ratio of distribution machines and play an important role in the effect of workpiece processing.

4. Dimensions and models of tool shank of boring and milling power head are convenient to configure clamping mode.

5. We need to understand the processing and production processes (boring, milling, drilling, tapping, reaming), because the power head processing capacity is different, if the selection is too small, the processing will be laborious, the machine will have problems, causing damage; if the selection is too large, the price will be increased, and sometimes the efficiency will be reduced.

6. We need to know about the circuit control system and what type of NC control system we need to configure.

7. Understand the use environment of boring and milling power head, so as to do the necessary protection measures.

Guide For Installation Of Drilling Unit Of CNC Lathe

As an important part of machine tool processing, drilling unit is more and more widely used in CNC lathe. The drilling unit of various styles and design ideas play an increasingly important role in NC machining.

1. The drilling unit body and the motor are connected directly. The fixed key on the motor should be closely matched with the main shaft of the drilling unit. The right way is:
1) First check the key block and the key groove at the end of the main shaft of the drilling unit. It is appropriate to ensure close cooperation.

2) It is also advisable to check the keyway compatibility between the key block and the motor shaft.

3) The purpose of the above two steps is to ensure that the power head will not be subjected to additional vibration due to the initial clearance when the motor rotates forward and backward.
4) Initial clearance not only affects the service life of drilling unit and motor, but also affects the accuracy of customer tapping.

5) When necessary, key blocks should be fitted and replaced.

2. When the motor and drilling unit are installed, attention should be paid to avoid the excessive extrusion of the drilling unit caused by the axial external force: the position stress between the outer ring and the inner ring of the inner bearing of the drilling unit will result in greater noise and higher temperature rise during the operation of the drilling unit.

3. About the lubrication mode of drilling unit.

1) Semi-enclosed oil circulation lubrication. At one end of the drilling unit, oil is allowed to enter, and at the other end, oil is discharged; an oil storage tank is set inside the drilling unit to store lubricating oil. The advantage is to reduce the maintenance of the drilling unit, and the oil circuit is a dynamic cycle conducive to timely discharging of oil residue and so on. The disadvantage is poor sealing.

2) Fully sealed grease lubrication.

The advantage is to isolate the external influence on the drilling unit.The disadvantage is the inconvenience and lack of self-awareness of the customer’s later maintenance.

4. Sheet metal installation:

1) Sheet metal installation is best to do a good job of follow-up adaptation: when tightening the screw, pay attention to the front and back of the adaptation.
2) When designing sheet metal in Miyagi, do a good job of docking with Benshuo’s three-dimensional drawings.

5. When ordering, be sure to inform Miyagi Railway in advance: the installation mode of drilling unit!
1) Lift Y-axis power head, or end-type drilling unit directly mounted on the trailer?
2) The layout of the leak hole will affect the environmental adaptability of the drilling unit and the subsequent service life.

6. On the drilling unit of cross-layout:
1) Bevel gears have thrust in both axial and radial directions, that is to say, besides the general axial thrust, there is also lateral thrust. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the sequence before and after the installation of such drilling unit.
2) Firstly, the motor and the drilling unit are loaded, then the drilling unit is rotated forward and backward with bare hands. After several times, the motor shaft and the drilling unit shaft are coordinated smoothly.
3) Then tighten the fastening screw above the key block.

In The Future, The New Drilling Unit Will Replace The Traditional Drilling Machine In China

As one of the important power components of modular machine tools, drilling unit has brought great economic benefits in the application of automobile industry, household appliances industry and motorcycle manufacturing industry, which has been proved by the practice of many manufacturers at home and abroad.

Improving performance, reducing production costs, improving production efficiency and improving consumer convenience are important prerequisites for opening the consumer market of drilling unit.

At present, there is still a long way to go before the drilling unit really enters the large-scale marketization. The development of drilling unit is the inevitable trend of the future machinery industry, and also one of the important ways to solve the pressure of energy and environment in China.

With the development of technology, production scale, product cost and supporting environment of drilling unit enterprises in China, Shanghai Zhongtian Machinery and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd., a domestic manufacturer of drilling unit, believes that the new drilling unit will replace the traditional Drilling Machine in the future.

What Should Be Paid Attention To During The Operation Of The CNC Drilling Unit?

CNC drilling unit is a mechanical device driven by motor, which can realize boring, milling, drilling and other functions. CNC drilling unit is a relatively simple transmission mechanism with various forms. The basic principle is that the motor drives a gear transmission mechanism, which can realize the functions of boring, milling and drilling. In some operations with guideways, the operating rules of drilling unit are as follows:

1. Operators shall not leave their posts without authorization in the course of their work.
2. The oil pipeline of the oil pressure system should be tight and smooth, and the oil pressure, oil quantity and oil temperature should be kept within the prescribed range.
3. When the temperature is low in winter, the engine bed should be idled before the oil melts.
4. When two people operate a machine tool, the division of labor should be clear and one person should be responsible for the command, and good contact must be made before work.
5. When loading and unloading heavy workpieces, they should be coordinated by others or lifting machinery.
6. It is strictly forbidden to deliver tools, fixtures and other articles on the running machine tools or to touch the processed parts directly by hand.
7. It is strictly forbidden to use hand to cool and rotate the cotton yarn with cooling liquid.
8. It is strictly forbidden to remove the edges and corners on the machine tool and the scattered materials under shearing by hand. The banded cuttings entangled on the cutter or workpiece must be removed by hook, and must stop when clearing.
9. When operating a machine tool, no scaffolding shall be used on or on the machine tool.
10. When checking the accuracy, measuring the size, checking the changing position of the die shears or the workpiece or abnormal sound of the machine tool occurs, it must stop.

Correct Treatment Of Common Problems In CNC Machining Center

The essence of machining center is complex cutting of metal workpiece with the participation of CNC system. Cutting, neutralization and tool alignment are basic knowledge applications in machining center operations, but the problems in basic application are more universal. What are the common problems and how to solve them? Chenghai Machining Center will discuss with you.

Overcutting is the most common problem in cutting operations. The causes are not only insufficient strength or inadequate size of the tool, defective operation process, uneven cutting allowance and cutting parameters. To solve these problems, we should first follow the principle of using knives that can be big or small, short or not long. Reasonable addition of clearing procedures, as far as possible to retain the balance of uniform; large margin corner rounding, reasonable adjustment of cutting parameters; operators are diligent in micro-speed control so that the cutting speed of the machining center tends to be reasonable, with the help of SF function of equipment.

Common problems in sub-centering include inaccurate manual operation by operators, burrs around the die, non-vertical sides, and incomplete demagnetization of sub-centering rods. This requires the operator to check carefully in manual operation and try to be at the same height at the same point in the score. After deburring, the periphery of the die is wiped clean with a cloth. Finally, the deburring situation is determined by rubbing the surface by hand. Before the die is divided into centers, the centering rod can be demagnetized first, and the ceramic centering rod can also be used to replace it.

Common problems of tool alignment include inaccurate manual operation by operators, incorrect tool clamping, incorrect blade on flying knife, and errors between R knife, flat knife and flying knife. The tool setting environment should be kept at the same point as possible. The tool should be dry and clean when clamping. The tool can be wiped clean with cloth and dried with a blower gun. A subroutine of tool setting can also be compiled separately to reduce the error of R-knife.

The operation of machining center is based on perfect knowledge reserve and abundant practical experience, which is also a process of constantly finding and solving problems. Yuangge is keen to discuss the problems and experiences of machining centers with the vast number of friends, and is willing to be your reliable partner in the cause of machining centers.