Multiple Spindle Head

Multiple spindle head can be divided into two types according to the range of motion of the spindle: adjustable and fixed.

It is not restricted by gears when adjusting the machining hole distance. It is suitable for processing a variety of uncertain hole parts and has a wide range of use. The disadvantage is that there is a lack of precision control, and the long-term use of the bit rate is slightly higher. It is suitable for enterprises that do not process a single piece and replace the processed parts for many years.

The multiple spindle head is tailored according to the single-piece workpiece, that is, according to the spacing and arrangement of the parts, the dead spindles is fixed. In order to achieve single-spindle single-spindle, one-piece multiple spindle head standard solution.The fixed type of guide plate multiple spindle head is accurate and durable. When replacing the parts, there is a lot of space for payment and it is not hindered by the fixture. The processed products are more precise and the multiple spindle head  are more durable.

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