Development Trend 0f Intelligent Upgrade 0f Construction Machinery

For a long time, most people’s impressions of construction machinery still remain in the scene of manual operation of excavators. In fact, under the pressure of change, the construction machinery industry has begun to accelerate the  transformation of automation, intelligence and digitalization.

The construction machinery industry is not only a strategic industry that provides technical equipment for national infrastructure, but also an important segment of the equipment manufacturing industry.

Under the influence of this trend, the promotion of intelligent upgrading of products and industries will become the key to whether China’s construction machinery industry can stand in the international competition for strong forests in the future.

Intelligent development becomes the mainstream

At present, the intelligentization of the construction machinery industry and the development of intelligent engineering machinery, the most direct is the introduction of robots and the application of robotics. Nowadays, many companies in
the industry use robots for welding, painting and assembly on a large scale in the production process.

In the future, under the influence of multiple factors such as changes in technology development and changes in construction project requirements, the demand for integrated operation and intelligent control of construction machinery
applications will become higher and higher. Driven by the informatization and intelligentization boom, the goal of the development of a new generation of construction machinery will become increasingly clear and the pace will continue to

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