What should we pay attention to in Automation drilling unit work?

Automation drilling unit is a relatively simple transmission mechanism. What should be paid attention to in the work of automation drilling unit?

1. The operator cannot leave the job without authorization during the operation.
2. The oil pipeline of the oil pressure system should be tight, unblocked, and the oil pressure, oil quantity and oil temperature should be kept within the prescribed range.
3. When the temperature is low in winter, the engine bed should be turned idle before the oil melts.
4. Make good contact before work. When two people operate a machine tool, they should have a clear division of labor and one person is in charge of command.
5. When loading and unloading heavy workpieces, it is necessary to cooperate with others or hoisting machinery.
6. It is strictly forbidden to deliver tools, fixtures and other articles on the running machine tools or to touch the processed parts directly by hand.
7. It is strictly forbidden to use hand to hold cotton yarn with cooling liquid to cool and rotate workpieces or tools.

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