What should be paid attention to when choosing multi-spindle for drilling tapping machine?

After the 1960s, due to the application of electronic computers, CNC machine tools, machining centers, robots, and tapping drills appeared. Selection principle of multi-spindle for tapping Drilling Machine:

1. Sensitivity: In general, it is always desirable to maximize the sensitivity of the multi-spindle to achieve the speed and effect of tapping.

2. Accuracy: It is the main indicator that affects the authenticity of the tapping result, but it is not required that the higher the accuracy, the better, because the accuracy of the multi-axis device corresponds to its price, the accuracy is increased by one level, and the price will increase exponentially, so the actual need Choose to go. It should be clear which product is tapped by the Tapping Machine and the accuracy of the multi-spindle is determined according to the requirements of the product.

3. Stability: There are two aspects, namely time stability and environmental stability.
The stability of the environment (temperature, humidity, dust, electromagnetic field, etc.) is a problem that should be considered in any multi-spindle. It is necessary to ensure that the performance of the multi-spindle is reduced under the permissible environmental conditions.
As for the stability of time, it is a key issue to be considered for long-term uninterrupted tapping operation. In addition, the working mode, dimensions and weight of the multi-spindle are also factors to consider when selecting a multi-spindle.

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