What Are The Uses And Operating Precautions Of Bench Drills?

The bench drill is powered by the motor and is transmitted to the spindle through the tower pulley. The outermost part of the spindle is a linearly movable sleeve that does not rotate. The rack has a rack structure and the gears are combined to form a longitudinal feed. The mechanism, the main shaft is installed inside the sleeve, the main shaft can rotate freely inside the sleeve, but the up and down movement of the sleeve will drive the upper and lower movement of the main shaft, and the innermost one is relatively long.

Uses of bench drills:
The bench drill can drill holes and fix them on the bench, which is more stable, more precise and more accurate. It belongs to the processing machine. The spindle can move up and down freely on the spline, but it should rotate with the spline. A hollow tower pulley is fixed on the upper end of the spline. The power of the drill bit is transmitted here to the spindle through the spline.

Matters needing attention in the use of bench drills
1. When using a bench drill, you should take good protective glasses and prescribed protective articles, and you are prohibited to wear gauze gloves.
2. When drilling, the workpiece must be clamped and pressed firmly with pliers, fixtures or pressing iron. When drilling thin workpiece, the bottom should be padded with wooden boards.

3. It is forbidden to remove iron chips with gauze when drilling holes, nor to blow with mouth or wipe with hand.4. When the drilling starts or the drilling needs to be drilled through, gently exert force to prevent the workpiece from turning or throwing out. If necessary, water should be added to cool the drilling holes.

5. In the work, the workpiece should be set straight and the force should be uniform so as to prevent the drill bit from breaking.

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