Mutil Spindle Head

Improving The Working Efficiency Of Electric Machine Parts Processing Starts With Drilling

For motor products, there are many drilling holes and sleeve buckles involved in the process of parts processing. The traditional technology and equipment is to use drilling die to process holes one by one. For screw holes, the tap sleeve buckle should be replaced again, so the work efficiency is too low.

Taking a motor with a center height of 132 as an example, 6-8 fixed end holes need to be machined at both ends of the machine base. For drilling, if the traditional processing technology is adopted, the holes at both ends need to be completed in 6-8 times. If the multi-hole drilling die can be used, the holes at both ends can be completed twice, and the efficiency can be improved at least 3-4 times by adding the design of the processing process or the moving time of the position of the workpiece.

Mutil Spindle Head

Of course, porous drills are limited by the travel space and capacity of the equipment, which may be more suitable for processing small-sized parts. Small-sized and large-volume parts processing, porous drilling will greatly improve the processing efficiency.

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