Correct Treatment Of Common Problems In CNC Machining Center

The essence of machining center is complex cutting of metal workpiece with the participation of CNC system. Cutting, neutralization and tool alignment are basic knowledge applications in machining center operations, but the problems in basic application are more universal. What are the common problems and how to solve them? Chenghai Machining Center will discuss with you.

Overcutting is the most common problem in cutting operations. The causes are not only insufficient strength or inadequate size of the tool, defective operation process, uneven cutting allowance and cutting parameters. To solve these problems, we should first follow the principle of using knives that can be big or small, short or not long. Reasonable addition of clearing procedures, as far as possible to retain the balance of uniform; large margin corner rounding, reasonable adjustment of cutting parameters; operators are diligent in micro-speed control so that the cutting speed of the machining center tends to be reasonable, with the help of SF function of equipment.

Common problems in sub-centering include inaccurate manual operation by operators, burrs around the die, non-vertical sides, and incomplete demagnetization of sub-centering rods. This requires the operator to check carefully in manual operation and try to be at the same height at the same point in the score. After deburring, the periphery of the die is wiped clean with a cloth. Finally, the deburring situation is determined by rubbing the surface by hand. Before the die is divided into centers, the centering rod can be demagnetized first, and the ceramic centering rod can also be used to replace it.

Common problems of tool alignment include inaccurate manual operation by operators, incorrect tool clamping, incorrect blade on flying knife, and errors between R knife, flat knife and flying knife. The tool setting environment should be kept at the same point as possible. The tool should be dry and clean when clamping. The tool can be wiped clean with cloth and dried with a blower gun. A subroutine of tool setting can also be compiled separately to reduce the error of R-knife.

The operation of machining center is based on perfect knowledge reserve and abundant practical experience, which is also a process of constantly finding and solving problems. Yuangge is keen to discuss the problems and experiences of machining centers with the vast number of friends, and is willing to be your reliable partner in the cause of machining centers.