Introduction to the Hydro Speed Regulator

The hydro speed regulator is also called a buffer.It can be applied to nuclear power plants, thermal power plants and chemical plants.

Its performance features include 7 points.
1. Good anti-corrosion type
2. Compact structure
3. Dynamic response is fast
4. Small friction damping force
5. Swing angle
6. Long life
7. High temperature work

It has 2 types. (RB-Spring Return Type) and (RA-Air Return Type).Their scale adjustments are 0-35 (the larger the value, the smaller the force).
Spring Return Type: It is suitable for shallow holes. It can be used in one step. 
Air Return Type: It is suitable for deep holes. It is operated in segments. Which is connected to the gas. When the pressure is over, the gas will bounce back.

We usually recommend which model number to use based on the type of customer’s needs and the length of the speed control.