CNC machine tool technology: threaded hole drilling and tapping machine

The position of car seat installation varies with customer’s requirements and needs to be adjusted in time.After the carriage is installed and formed, according to the user’s requirements, the line is drawn on the spot and drilled first with manual electric tools, then tapped.Because of the small workspace and the unavailability of large-scale equipment, workers are required to bend a lot when drilling holes.
The number of threaded holes in the seats of each vehicle is sometimes as many as dozens, and the aperture is relatively large, usually M8, which results in high labor intensity, easy fatigue in the process of processing and low processing efficiency.

The threaded hole drilling and Tapping Machine does not need manual hand-held drilling tools in the operation process, so as to avoid the quality fluctuation caused by manual operation and improve the processing quality. Only one motor is needed to provide power for drilling tapping and feeding at the same time, which makes the working process more stable and improves the quality of drilling and tapping.