What’re The Different Tapping Oils For Tapping Machines!

The Tapping Machine is a machine tool that uses internal taps to machine internal threads. It is the most widely used internal thread machining machine. For multi-axis tapping machines, the right lubricant can reduce the wear of mechanical internal parts and increase the service life, and improve the speed and produce better quality products. The tapping machine can’t leave the lubricating material, which greatly helps the wear of its parts. Here are the advantages of special tapping oil:

First, the composition of tapping oil
It is made up of oil-based reinforcing agent, sulfurized lard and sulfurized fatty acid ester as the main agent. It contains a large amount of chloride additive, active sulfurized fat oil and lubricating additive, which can reduce the cutting temperature and obtain the maximum cutting precision. It has been applied to the cutting of difficult-to-machine materials, such as high-speed turning and drilling of stainless steel and heat-resistant steel.

Second, the advantages of special tapping oil
1. It has super lubrication and tapping function, low friction coefficient and high extreme pressure.
2.The oil film has strong adhesion, and has a strong oil film, which can effectively protect the tap to improve the thread quality.
3.To prevent surface scratches and wrinkles, can improve processing accuracy, surface finish, work quality and efficiency.
4.Good cold performance can inhibit the temperature rise, reduce the occurrence of sintering and card biting, and have special effects in reducing chipping and broken tap.
5.The chip removal is smoother, a large amount of iron filings will be produced during the tapping process, the iron filings will easily stick to the threaded holes and the taps, and the iron chips will be washed away with special tapping oil.
6.Outstanding permeability, at higher speeds, the oil can penetrate into the blade in time, effectively lubricating the cooling protection tap or tool.
7.Due to the use of non-corrosive vulcanization additives as the main agent, no odor, no irritating skin, can avoid workers skin allergies and other issues.

If the special tapping oil is not used in the tapping operation, the inside of the tapping machine will be destructive, affecting the service life and causing quality problems to the product. This series of products uses self-owned vulcanized lard and sulfurized fatty acid ester as main additives. It can improve the processing efficiency when effectively protecting the tool, has good cooling and anti-rust performance, can solve the above problems and improve the efficiency.