How to Maintain drilling unit

The drilling unit is a device for processing metal apertures, which has the advantages of high precision, stable performance and good rigidity.

Precautions for prolonging the service life of drilling unit before use.
1. The first use of the drilling unit needs to be first run-in. It is best to idle for one hour, and the no-load speed is 70% of the maximum speed.

2. Coolant must be filtered before it can be put into use. The non-filtered coolant may cause parts damage, such as internal parts and oil seals of power tool holder. Excessive wear leads to unusable and affects production efficiency. Do not forget to open the coolant before use. This is also to reduce the wear of oil seals and parts, so special attention should be paid.

3. The second problem is the knife base. When working, it must rotate within the speed limit, not exceed the speed limit. At the same time, the water pressure is also limited. It can not exceed that limit to avoid accidents.

4. Check the standby condition of each component before use, such as whether there is any blockage in the water spray, the water supply should not be overheated, etc., just turn off the external water, just screw it.