How To Choose Boring And Milling Spindle Head?

With the rapid development of science and technology, parts and components in machinery manufacturing industry are becoming more standardized and universal. The traditional processing boring and milling head has not kept up with the demand of production. Multifunctional special power head emerged as the times require, and has been developed rapidly. It plays an increasingly important role in manufacturing industry.

Characteristics of Boring and Milling Spindle Head
1. Maze-type waterproof structure is adopted in the spindle head, which effectively avoids cutting fluid and dust entering the spindle during the production process, and ensures the service life and accuracy of the spindle head.

2. The spindle box body is cast with high toughness iron and treated by artificial and natural double ageing. It is wear-resistant and not easy to deform.

3. The spindle is forged with high quality alloy steel.

4. The bearing adopts the P5 angular contact pair bearing produced by Luoyan Science and Technology.

Notes for Boring and Milling Spindle Head

1. Installation mode of boring and milling power head, because it is convenient for workpiece processing, so it is necessary to choose a more appropriate installation mode. But the structure of power head front-end TV and rear-end motor installation is different. If not selected in advance, it will be inconvenient to use, which is also a headache.

2. We should know the material quality, hardness, workpiece size and allowance of the boring and milling power head, which directly determines the processing ability of the power head and is convenient to adapt to the power of the motor.

3. Understanding the speed of processing can facilitate the selection of the speed ratio of distribution machines and play an important role in the effect of workpiece processing.

4. Dimensions and models of tool shank of boring and milling power head are convenient to configure clamping mode.

5. We need to understand the processing and production processes (boring, milling, drilling, tapping, reaming), because the power head processing capacity is different, if the selection is too small, the processing will be laborious, the machine will have problems, causing damage; if the selection is too large, the price will be increased, and sometimes the efficiency will be reduced.

6. We need to know about the circuit control system and what type of NC control system we need to configure.

7. Understand the use environment of boring and milling power head, so as to do the necessary protection measures.