What Are The Causes Of Tap Breakage In Servo Tapping Machine?

Servo automatic Tapping Machine is a kind of machine tool which uses tap to process internal thread. It is the most widely used machine tool for processing internal thread. Since the servo automatic tapping machine is facing the market, it has the advantages of lightness, flexibility, high efficiency and other similar equipment can not be replaced, and is deeply loved by the majority of users. It avoids the limitations of lathes, drills or manual tapping, and saves time, labor, teeth, taps are not easy to break, etc. Its remarkable characteristics are widely praised and adopted by users. This machine is suitable for all machinery manufacturing industries. The mainland customers now cover machine tools, mould (factory) machinery, plastic machinery, printing machinery, packaging machinery manufacturers, construction machinery, automotive and motorcycle parts, aero-engines, locomotives and vehicles, tobacco machinery and general machinery industries.

The breakage of servo tapping machine is one of the most common frontal faults, among which the common causes are as follows:

1. The feed speed of servo automatic tapping machine is too fast, which makes the torque too large. Therefore, the manufacturer generally recommends that when the ordinary tap is used to process threads, its speed can not exceed 100 revolutions per minute.

2. The size of bottom hole of servo automatic tapping machine does not match the tap. This situation greatly enlarges the cutting part of the tap during tapping, which makes the tap easy to break.

3. Operator’s mistakes. For example, when the blind hole thread is processed, when the tap is about to contact the bottom of the hole, the operator does not realize that the tap is broken, which requires the staff to strengthen their sense of responsibility.

4. The cutting fluid used in servo automatic tapping machine is improperly selected or not used. A lot of heat is generated during the whole tapping process. Then the tap breaks.

5. The concentricity of servo automatic tapping machine is not enough. The location of tap start is not clear enough, and the torque is too large during tapping, which causes the tap to break.