Future Technology Development Trend Of Motor Industry

As the most widely used electrical equipment, the motor industry is an important part of China’s manufacturing industry. In the future, the motor industry will also develop towards higher goals such as high efficiency, high reliability, lightweight miniaturization and intelligence.

High efficiency

Based on the current market situation, it is estimated that for every percentage point increase in the national motor efficiency, more than 26 billion kilowatts of electricity can be saved each year.

High reliability
Reliability has always been an important consideration for the user to select the motor. The longer service life and more compact structure of the motor are the embodiment of high reliability. There is a great relationship between motor life and temperature rise. Improving motor efficiency and reducing temperature rise can effectively extend the service life of motor.

Lightweight, miniaturized
The lightweight and miniaturization of the motor can effectively save materials and space, which is more and more favored by users. Many products also put forward high requirements for the volume and weight of the motor, which is more obvious in the fields of petroleum, chemical industry, coal and other applications.

In order to achieve the goal of light and miniaturization, in the design process, it is the future development trend to adopt advanced technology and high-quality materials, and adhere to the principle of optimal design. Under the condition that the effective materials remain unchanged, the weight of unit power is constantly reduced.


With the development of science and technology, mechatronics technology has made great progress. At the same time, all kinds of high and new technologies have injected new vitality into motor products. Through the application of microelectronics, computer and network technology, the encouragement of national policies and the attention of enterprises to science and technology, the cycle of new product development has been gradually reduced Short, mechatronics, intelligent motor (for example, AC variable frequency speed motor is a stepless speed regulation drive system) emerged, speed regulation manufacturing, virtual manufacturing and other advanced manufacturing technologies were popularized and applied. The technical performance level of motor in China is equivalent to that in developed countries.