What’re The Types Of Drilling Unit And What’re The Characteristics Of Each?

The drilling unit is mainly divided into a pneumatic drilling unit, a servo drilling unit and a servo drilling tapping unit.

Pneumatic drilling unit : drill a hole in the workpiece without holes. Suitable for machining small holes, high speed, high precision, small feeding force, light weight, easy to install, convenient to use, cost saving, more suitable for specialization Or use a chamfer to deburr. Pneumatic feed is not very stable, so you need to install a stabilizer when feeding. Moreover, it is impossible to process a material having a relatively hard hardness. The pneumatic type is the power propulsion machining, and the motor is rotated to match the rotation speed, which is the rotary cutting power.

Servo drilling unit :  Large hole and small hole are suitable for processing, large feed force, high precision, accurate feed stroke, easy to control, easy to use, not easy to install, high cost. More suitable for use as a combination of CNC lathes and CNC machine tools. Mainly for convenient control, accurate stroke accuracy, accurate machining accuracy, and control freely. Full servo control and feed.

Servo Drilling Tapping unit: We can shoot a tooth in a hole. Our company uses the screw to feed. The feeding force is not easy to wear. The gear can be easily adjusted by changing the gear (the pitch has various models).