What’re The Problems And Solutions That Often Occur In The Production Of Tapping Machines?

The Tapping Machine is the most widely used internal thread processing machine. As a kind of machine tool for thread processing, there must be more production and processing strength, and it is necessary to ensure the processing precision. Let’s briefly talk about the tapping machine. Problems and their solutions:

First, the four common problems in the tapping machine: the tap break, the tap wear too fast, the thread diameter is too large, the thread diameter is too small, the thread surface roughness value is too large.

Second, the corresponding solution to the above tapping machine problem:

1. The tap break should correctly select the diameter of the threaded bottom hole. The depth of the drill hole is to the required standard. Appropriately reduce the speed of mechanical cutting, according to the standard. Correct the tap and bottom hole when tapping the thread to ensure that the coaxiality meets the requirements. Ensure that the hardness of the workpiece meets the requirements, select the appropriate chuck, and replace the tap wear in time.

2. The diameter of the thread is larger than the diameter of the tap with reasonable accuracy. Choose the right cutting fluid and reduce the cutting speed appropriately. The coaxiality of the tap and the threaded bottom hole is corrected when tapping the thread, and the floating chuck is used. Appropriately reduce the rake angle and the back angle of the cutting cone. Remove the burrs from the sharpening tap and increase the length of the cutting cone as appropriate.

3. The diameter of the thread is too small to select the tap diameter of the appropriate precision grade. Appropriately increase the tap front angle and the cutting cone angle. Replace worn oversized taps. Use a lubricating cutting fluid.

4. The thread surface roughness value is too large, increase the tap front angle, reduce the cutting cone angle. Heat treatment is carried out to properly increase the hardness of the workpiece, and to ensure that the taper rake face has a low surface roughness value and a good lubricity cutting fluid is selected. Properly reduce the cutting speed. Replace worn taps.

When the tapping machine has problems, it needs to be dealt with in time.