The role of cutting fluid in tapping drilling machine

(1) Lubricate the tool surface: reduce friction. Reduce cutting distortion, reduce  cutting force, reduce tool wear and improve tool durability.
(2) Cooling tool and workpiece: reduce thermal deformation of tool,workpiece and improve tool durability. To ensure the dimensional accuracy of the hole.
(3) Protecting machined surface and anti-corrosion: When using internal and front chip removal, cutting fluid can prevent chips from scratching machined surface,scour the fine chips, debris tumors and attachments adhering to the surface of the workpiece. At the same time, oil film is formed on the surface of the hole to prevent rust.
(4) Chip removal and vibration absorption: The chips are washed out from the chip area with a certain pressure and flow site cutting fluid to achieve chip removal. Because the workpiece’s inner hole and drill pipe are filled with a certain pressure cutting fluid, the vibration and noise produced by cutting motion and friction can be reduced.

Characteristics of tapping drill machine:
———The tapping Drilling Machine has a large-sized column that is stable and can be displaced at a high speed of 60m/min without deformation.
——— Super large span base, adopting six-point support to purchase solid, high-speed displacement, no vibration, no deformation;
——— The three axes of the drilling and Tapping Machine can be moved at a high speed of 60m/min, which is fast and saves processing time.
—— Low inertia spindle design, direct drive of spindle, high stability, quick and accurate tool change of clamp tool library, tool change time is 1.4 seconds, in addition to parts processing, this drilling machine is very suitable for drilling small diameter holes; AC spindle servo motor with high tapping energy and humanized dialog-type medium area is adopted, which is easy to operate.