Introduction Of Synchronous Tapping Machine And Its Main Components

What’s synchronous¬†Tapping Machine?

Synchronized tapping machine is a kind of machine tool which uses tap to process internal thread. It is the most widely used machine tool for processing internal thread. According to the national machinery industry standards, tapping machine series are divided into: desktop tapping machine – semi-automatic desktop tapping machine, vertical tapping machine, horizontal tapping machine. For some reason, one of the most widely used classifications is not included, that is, folding arm tapping machine.

What’s the composition of synchronous tapping machine?

The synchronous tapping machine is composed of a mounting seat, a balance rod, a servo driver, a touch screen, a control panel (positive and negative speed setting), a servo motor, a quick change joint and a safety torsion chuck with overload protection. The main body of the balance rod is made of high strength aluminium alloy, and the rotating part is made of precise composite copper sleeve. On the premise of guaranteeing the tapping accuracy, the repeated positioning is accurate and portable.

The main functional components of synchronous tapping machine are the electrical contact pressure gauge, which is related to the normal operation of the whole synchronous tapping machine. However, the electrical contact pressure gauge required by the mechanical industry of synchronous tapping machine has some particularities, such as the working environment of the machine and the material, voltage, current and so on.

Characteristics of synchronous tapping machine:

1. Integrated reversing gear, high speed of tool withdrawal – greatly reducing working time when tapping.
2. The drill shaft uses conical fixed chuck to ensure the highest accuracy and concentricity accuracy.
3. Electronic stepless speed change function, metal gearbox.
4. Cylindrical motor housing with aluminium support sleeve.