Drilling Unit application range

The drilling unit is a relatively simple one-speed transmission mechanism. The basic principle is that the motor drives a gear shifting mechanism, which can realize functions such as boring, milling and drilling.

Drilling unit application range:

1. Since the tool feed and rotation are synchronized, very thin or soft materials can be processed efficiently.

2. adaptability, can easily adjust the diameter, pitch and stroke of the processing thread.

3. long stroke, a variety of accessories, you can easily replace the single-spindle tapping head into a multiple spindle head tapping head, which can meet the needs of small batches and large-volume production.

4. constantly respond to the user’s high-speed drilling process, drilling power head, wind power base type.

5. Spindle rotation is driven by electric power, feed and control. The Drilling Machine with the highest performance and price ratio by compressed air pressure can select the most suitable model from a wide range of models according to the processing conditions.

6. High-precision, high-rigidity drilling device with base structure. The spindle motor adopts high-performance, high-power motor with a wide range of types from low speed to high speed. The drilling tapping spindle head is a power component that can be drilled and tapped, or it can be equipped with a multiple spindle head to improve efficiency. It is a product with high precision requirements, and mass production products can be equipped with automation operations, such as motorcycle parts and auto parts, which require high and mass production.