What is CNC?

In the 1950s, MIT successfully developed the first CNC milling machine. In 1970, the first computer-controlled numerical control machine tool (CNC) was first presented. Now it is widely used, that is, the machining center.

CNC commonly used operating systems Mitsubishi, Frank, Siemens, Heidehan, brother, etc.

CNC machine tools can process most products and most materials. Now widely used are aluminum alloy processing, steel processing, plastic material processing, gold jewelry processing, relief processing and so on.

The auxiliary tools often used in CNC processing are:

1.Programming software, processing programming software includes UG and master cam, etc.
2. Cutting tools, drills, taps, milling cutters, center drills, etc.
3. Auxiliary clamping tools, including middle rod, probe, vise, clamping tool, mechanical arm, etc.
4. Measuring tools, calipers, micrometers, height gauges, cubic elements, etc.

Common CNC brands on the market are Frank, Beijing Carving, Brothers, Mazak, etc. With the progress of science and technology, now the CNC of domestic brands has gradually matured, and has been widely used in the market.