Design And Application Of Automatic Cutting Fluid On Ordinary Drilling Machine And Tapping Machine

In the batch processing of drilling and Tapping Machines, the life of common cutting tools is often not long, so it is necessary to change the cutting tools frequently.

Tool life directly affects production efficiency. There are many reasons for short tool life, such as feed rate, tool material and tool grinding angle, etc. More importantly, cutting fluid can alleviate other factors and prolong tool life. There are three functions of cutting fluid: cleaning, cooling and lubrication. The common drill and tapping machine can only clean, cool and lubricate the cutter manually, and the production efficiency is not high. Whether it is possible to design automatic cutting fluid pouring on drilling and tapping machines has always been a question of concern and discussion.

1. Common methods and analysis before design

There are two common methods: 1. When drilling with common material cutters, place oil brushes beside them, and clean, lubricate and cool the cutters with oil brushes while processing. (2) Alloy cutting tools are used without cutting fluid.

The advantage of using oil brush is that it is relatively flexible in cleaning and lubricating, and can be handled according to the actual situation. It is suitable for small batch or single piece production. The disadvantage is that production efficiency is not high and waste is caused.

The advantages of alloy cutting tools are high hardness, high temperature tolerance, high production efficiency and no need for cutting fluid. The disadvantage is the high cost of production.

2. Design scheme and thinking of automatic cutting fluid
Scheme (1): Improve brush oil on tool. According to the characteristics of Drilling Machine and tapping machine, one end of hose is used to wrap the brush, the other end is fixed on the iron block, and the brush is greased. When necessary, the brush is moved to the tool and left after lubrication and cooling. Repeated debugging, the effect is not ideal, cutting fluid is easy to splash around, and oil on the ground, can not achieve automation.
Scheme (2): Infusion of cutter. Put oil into the infusion bag and hang it at a high place. Fixed the flow direction of the liquid with the support of the bracket so that the cutting fluid can flow directly to the tool. The flow rate of the liquid can be controlled by the control valve. This effect is very good. Every drop of liquid just falls into the hole being processed, which accords with our original intention of designing the automatic cutting fluid.

3. Use effect in production
The movable support arm of the support can move up and down and tilt to facilitate the adjustment of the cutting fluid to the height and position of the drilling platform. A recovery tank is also set under the drilling platform to facilitate the recovery and reuse of the liquid.
The spindle speed of the drilling machine is 1400 r/m, the tool material is W18Cr4V, and the drill bit is grinded by thin plate group drills with uniform feed rate. After use, the processing speed is twice as fast as the original method, each drop of liquid will be fully utilized, and the amount of cutting fluid will be reduced. In the past, only 200 holes can be machined by one tool, but now 400 holes can be machined, which is beyond our expectation.