Guide For Installation Of Drilling Unit Of CNC Lathe

As an important part of machine tool processing, drilling unit is more and more widely used in CNC lathe. The drilling unit of various styles and design ideas play an increasingly important role in NC machining.

1. The drilling unit body and the motor are connected directly. The fixed key on the motor should be closely matched with the main shaft of the drilling unit. The right way is:
1) First check the key block and the key groove at the end of the main shaft of the drilling unit. It is appropriate to ensure close cooperation.

2) It is also advisable to check the keyway compatibility between the key block and the motor shaft.

3) The purpose of the above two steps is to ensure that the power head will not be subjected to additional vibration due to the initial clearance when the motor rotates forward and backward.
4) Initial clearance not only affects the service life of drilling unit and motor, but also affects the accuracy of customer tapping.

5) When necessary, key blocks should be fitted and replaced.

2. When the motor and drilling unit are installed, attention should be paid to avoid the excessive extrusion of the drilling unit caused by the axial external force: the position stress between the outer ring and the inner ring of the inner bearing of the drilling unit will result in greater noise and higher temperature rise during the operation of the drilling unit.

3. About the lubrication mode of drilling unit.

1) Semi-enclosed oil circulation lubrication. At one end of the drilling unit, oil is allowed to enter, and at the other end, oil is discharged; an oil storage tank is set inside the drilling unit to store lubricating oil. The advantage is to reduce the maintenance of the drilling unit, and the oil circuit is a dynamic cycle conducive to timely discharging of oil residue and so on. The disadvantage is poor sealing.

2) Fully sealed grease lubrication.

The advantage is to isolate the external influence on the drilling unit.The disadvantage is the inconvenience and lack of self-awareness of the customer’s later maintenance.

4. Sheet metal installation:

1) Sheet metal installation is best to do a good job of follow-up adaptation: when tightening the screw, pay attention to the front and back of the adaptation.
2) When designing sheet metal in Miyagi, do a good job of docking with Benshuo’s three-dimensional drawings.

5. When ordering, be sure to inform Miyagi Railway in advance: the installation mode of drilling unit!
1) Lift Y-axis power head, or end-type drilling unit directly mounted on the trailer?
2) The layout of the leak hole will affect the environmental adaptability of the drilling unit and the subsequent service life.

6. On the drilling unit of cross-layout:
1) Bevel gears have thrust in both axial and radial directions, that is to say, besides the general axial thrust, there is also lateral thrust. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the sequence before and after the installation of such drilling unit.
2) Firstly, the motor and the drilling unit are loaded, then the drilling unit is rotated forward and backward with bare hands. After several times, the motor shaft and the drilling unit shaft are coordinated smoothly.
3) Then tighten the fastening screw above the key block.