How Does The Platform Drill “Oil” Maintenance?

The bench drill is a small drill press that is widely used. The table can be moved up and down on the round column and can be rotated around the column to any position. The locking handle of the work bench. When the locking screw is loosened, the table can also be tilted 45 degrees to the left and right from the vertical plane. The head frame can be rotated around the center of the column and adjusted to the proper position and then locked with the handle. If the headstock is to be lowered, first adjust the safety ring to the proper position, then tighten the nail to lock it, then loosen the handle, the head frame will fall into the insurance environment, and then the handle plate will be tight.

The motor passes through a five-speed shifting pulley, which makes the spindle variable in five speeds. This type of bench drill is easy to use, flexible and efficient, and is suitable for processing, assembly and repair of various parts. The work surface should be kept clean during use. When leaving work, the exposed sliding surface and the work surface must be cleaned, and the sliding surfaces and the oil filling holes should be lubricated. Stop and shift gears when shifting. To drill through-hole workpieces, the drill bit must be aligned with the tool hole of the table or the horn should be placed under the workpiece to avoid drilling the work surface.

The protective equipment should be prepared, the base of the Drilling Machine should be installed firmly and smoothly; it is forbidden to wear gloves, scarf and hand-pinch cotton pad to take the workpiece during operation. The drilling amount 
should be selected reasonably. When the operation is carried out, the drill bit cannot be used too hard to prevent the drill bit from being broken. The clamp taper bit should be pressed with a soft metal against the tip and should not be tapped. When using the drill chuck, it should be tightened with a special wrench and must not be clamped by the outer casing. The drilled workpiece should be clamped firmly. If it is small or thin, it can be installed with a hand vise. It is not allowed to directly take the workpiece for drilling. It is forbidden to contact the drill bit and the workpiece in rotation, and the thin plate drill bit should be sharpened when drilling the thin plate. When adjusting the height of the bench drill, the hardwood should be placed under the spindle, and the spindle lifting adjustment should be used. It is not allowed to suddenly loosen the impact and damage the drill press. After the operation is completed, the power supply must be turned off, the drill press must be clean, and the moving parts should be lubricated.

A drill bit cooling method can be used to easily provide a container for emulsified oil, which can be a barrel of latex paint or a good material. High-level, requires a workbench that is higher than the drill press. Then use one infusion tube to fix it in the barrel and fix it at the falling point of the drill bit. The infusion tube has its own regulating valve. Adjust the size of the water according to the requirements, so that the self-made simple cooling system can be done well. Because it is based on the principle of the connected device, it uses the self-weight water supply of emulsified oil, so it is environmentally safe. The drilling machine needs to be placed in the emulsified oil collecting device. Generally, the smelting plate is used to make the oil collecting plate, and a certain inclination is made, so that the emulsified oil can be concentrated to a place for collection and reuse. Such a recyclable cooling device would be fine.