Main Types of Drilling Jigs for Drilling Machine Fixtures

The special fixture for Drilling Machine is generally called “drill jig”. It can be divided into the following categories according to whether the drill jig has a jig body or not and whether the jig body is movable.

1. Fixed drill jig

When the drill jig is used, it is fixed on the drilling machine table. It is used to process large single holes on vertical drilling machine or parallel holes on rocker drilling machine. If the fixed drill jig is to be used in vertical drilling machine to process parallel space system, it is necessary to install the drill jig on the spindle of the machine tool. Generally, the fixed-length cutter installed on the spindle is first inserted into the drill sleeve to determine the position of the drill jig and then tighten it. The drilling accuracy of this method is relatively high.

2. Rotary drill jig

Rotary drill jig is mainly used to process parallel holes on the same circumference or radial holes distributed on the circumference. There are three basic forms: vertical axis, horizontal axis and oblique axis rotation. Because the rotary table has been standardized, and is produced and supplied by special factories as machine tool accessories, the design of fixed rotary drilling die is mostly used in combination with the design of special working fixture and standard rotary table.

3. Turn-over drill jig

It is mainly used to process holes on different surfaces of small workpieces. The use of overturning drill jig can reduce the number of workpiece clamping and improve the position accuracy between holes on the workpiece.

4. Cover type drill jig

The drill jig has no fixture body, and its positioning element and clamping device are directly mounted on the drill template. The drilling formwork is clamped on the workpiece, which is suitable for the small hole processing on the large and heavy workpiece. The fixture and structure are simple and portable, and it is easy to remove chips. However, each fixture needs to be loaded and unloaded from the workpiece, which is time-consuming, so the quality of the drill jig should not exceed 10 kg.

5. Sliding-column drill jig

The structure of the slide-column drilling jig has been standardized and standardized, with different series. When in use, as long as the workpiece shape, size and processing requirements and other specific circumstances, specially designed and manufactured the corresponding positioning, clamping device and drill sleeve, installed on the platform of the fixture body or the appropriate position on the drill template, it can be used for processing.