SVB-316 Tapping Heads


Rotating speed Tapping capacity Taps form Travel adjustment range Motor specifications Weight
Full stroke Fast forward
to the trip
Pitch feed stroke Power Number of poles
min-1 Aluminum Steel KG
SVB-316H 1750 M5 M4 Spiral 12-80 10-75 0-40 0.55 4 27
M4 M3 Hand
1200 M6 M4 Spiral
M5 M4 Hand
750 M8 M5 Spiral
M6 M5 Hand
520 M8 M6 Spiral
M8 M6 Hand
SVB-L108 920 M8 M5 Spiral
M6 M4 Hand
580 M8 M6 Spiral
M8 M5 Hand
350 M10 M8 Spiral
M8 M6 Hand
220 M12 M10 Spiral
M10 M8 Hand
SVB-316C 600 M14 M8 Spiral 12-80 10-75 0-40 1.1 4 57
M12 M8 Hand
400 M18 M14 Spiral
M16 M12 Hand
210 M22 M16 Spiral
M22 M16 Hand
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