Small CNC Machining Center


serial number project parameter
1 Overall dimensions 1600*1500*1900
2 The workbench 400*300
3 X trip 300-370
Y trip 300-370
Z trip 150-300
4 Control system 980MDC
5 Spindle speed 500-600rpm
6 Spindle power 2.2/3.6KW
7 Machine weight 1.5T
Customization is must for Special machines which we do after listening to the customer and that makes Purros to give the best solution for the automation of the products from designing and development, Installation of the equipment at the client's end, Proper commissioning, On-site training and till after sales and service Industries served: Automobile parts automation, Textile machine parts, Home appliances parts, Belt manufacturing, Electrical and Electronics parts, Light engineering, Motor Pumps, Valves & Flanges, Agriculture machinery, Forging Industry