Custom Fixed Multi Spindle Heads


We are manufacture and suppliers of Multi Spindle Drill Tapper Head that are fabrictaed using high grade raw material acquired from the trustworthy sources.The design comprises of helical gears that ensure noiseless and smooth operations.Our range of heads is used in a situation in which multiple drilling & tapping head is required  on a compenent.


Advantages & Features:

1.The Heads are designed to allow maximum efficiency, high production and low operating cost on a wide variety of jobs with quick delivery.
2.Designed suitable for most drill, tap or feed units
3.Compact housings are made of aluminum casting for light weight.
4.Different spindle configurations available
5.1:1 speed ratios.
6.Properly heat treated quiet, efficient helical gears and spindles for long life and smooth operation.
7.Extremely precise tolerances on all rotating parts.
8.Spindle design suitable for high precision industry standard ER collect system
9.Micromatic scales for easy center distance adjustment
10.Rigid bearing housing & short overhang spindle design for rugged operation & continuous use
11.Can be mounted at any positio

Inquiry Inputs from customer to understand requirement clearly:
1.Material to be machined
2.Size of holes
3.Number of holes
4.Operation to be performed
5.Center distance between holes
6.Fixed center distance or adjustable Center distance
7.Drawing/sketch of Hole pattern
8.Spindle out put rpm
9.Motor HP of Machine on which head to be mounted

Connect Size

Adjustable Three Spindle Heads

A: Spindle sleeve diameter 
B: Spindle sleeve exposed length 
C: Spindle rotating part exposed length 
D: Spindle rotating part diameter 
F: Connection type

Bench Machine Connect Size

Adjustable Three Spindle Heads

Please send Connect size(Diameter,Height 1,Height 2,Taper shank model) and bench Drilling Machine Tapping Machine images to our email

Customization is must for Special machines which we do after listening to the customer and that makes Purros to give the best solution for the automation of the products from designing and development, Installation of the equipment at the client's end, Proper commissioning, On-site training and till after sales and service Industries served: Automobile parts automation, Textile machine parts, Home appliances parts, Belt manufacturing, Electrical and Electronics parts, Light engineering, Motor Pumps, Valves & Flanges, Agriculture machinery, Forging Industry